"It bloody hurts": Straight-talking May declares Demons "bloody brilliant" than...wordpress,tagnames,straight-talking,May,Demons,bloodybrilliant
"It bloody hurts": Straight-talking May declares Demons "bloody brilliant" than...

“It bloody hurts”: Straight-talking May declares Demons “bloody brilliant” than…

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AFL 2023: Steven May‘s Straight-Talking Speech Reveals Melbourne Demons‘ Pain and Hunger for Redemption

A Brutally Honest Assessment

Steven May, the star defender of the Melbourne Demons, delivered a raw and straightforward speech at the club’s best and fairest awards, expressing the team’s frustration and disappointment following their recent campaign. May‘s words resonated with fans as he candidly declared that the Demons were “so much better” than the eventual premiers, Collingwood, and should have easily defeated them in the qualifying final.

Back-to-Back Finals Exits

In a 2023 season that ended disappointingly, the Melbourne Demons suffered consecutive straight-sets finals exits. They first lost to Collingwood in a game they dominated, only to be defeated by Carlton in a thrilling contest. This unprecedented series of failures in the AFL era left the team and their supporters yearning for redemption.

A Sore Loser

May, known for his fierce competitiveness and hatred of losing, spoke candidly about the pain he experienced witnessing Collingwood hoist the premiership cup. He confidently asserted that the Demons were a superior team and should have been the ones celebrating victory on Grand Final day.

“We should have smoked them,” May passionately proclaimed. His frustration was palpable, as he lamented the missed opportunity to showcase their true potential.

Expected Score Analysis

May‘s claims of superiority are not without merit. Champion Data’s expected score metric, which calculates the theoretical outcome based on average goalkicking accuracy, supports the idea that the Demons outperformed Collingwood during the qualifying final. According to the analysis, Melbourne should have won by a margin of 70-55, instead of losing by a slender 53-60. The statistical data reveals a remarkable 22-point turnaround in the expected result.

Similarly, in their semi-final against Carlton, the Demons displayed wastefulness in front of goal. Based on the expected score, Melbourne should have emerged victorious with a score of 82-61, rather than succumbing to a narrow 71-73 defeat.

Unfulfilled Potential

The Melbourne Demons undoubtedly possess an incredible list of talented players and have benefited from exceptional coaching. May‘s speech reflected the hunger and determination within the team to capitalize on their significant potential and turn their pain into motivation for the upcoming season.

May‘s powerful words resonated with fans and reminded them of the untapped brilliance possessed by the Demons. The disappointment of recent campaigns has stirred a fire within the team, and they are determined to channel their frustrations into a successful 2024 season.

Editorial: The Pain of the Demons and the Power of Redemption

A Nation Yearning for Success

Australian Rules Football is deeply embedded in the nation’s psyche, and the quest for premiership glory can be both exhilarating and heart-wrenching. For the Melbourne Demons, a club steeped in history and striving to recapture past glories, the pain of repeated failures can be overwhelming.

Embracing the Pain

Steven May‘s candid speech revealed the raw emotions and deep-seated frustrations of the Demons‘ faithful. While some may criticize his honesty, May‘s willingness to confront the pain head-on is a testament to his character and his commitment to the team.

The ability to acknowledge and embrace disappointment can be a catalyst for change and improvement. It is through moments of vulnerability that true growth occurs. By openly discussing the pain of their recent defeats, both May and the Melbourne Demons are taking the first step towards redemption.

The Path to Redemption: Advice for the Demons

Focusing on the Positive

While it is essential to acknowledge the pain of past failures, dwelling on them for too long can hinder progress. The Melbourne Demons must shift their focus towards recognizing their strengths, celebrating their accomplishments, and building upon them. By fostering a culture of positivity and resilience, the team can create a foundation for success.

Channeling Frustrations into Motivation

The Demons should use the pain of their recent defeats as fuel to propel them forward. Each training session, each game should be approached with a burning desire to prove themselves and prove the doubters wrong. By channeling their frustrations into relentless energy and determination, the Demons can transform their disappointments into triumphs.

Eliminating Wastefulness

Melbourne must address the issue of wastefulness in front of goal, as highlighted by the expected score analysis. Improving accuracy and efficiency in their scoring opportunities will significantly impact their chances of success. Through targeted training and strategic adjustments, the Demons can overcome this weakness and turn their dominance into tangible results.

Uniting as a Team

Lastly, the Demons must harness the collective strength of their players, coaching staff, and support staff to build a cohesive unit. Trust, communication, and teamwork will be pivotal in their journey towards redemption. By fostering a supportive and united environment, the Melbourne Demons can overcome any obstacle that comes their way.


Steven May‘s impassioned speech at the Melbourne Demons‘ best and fairest awards highlighted the pain and hunger for redemption within the team. Acknowledging their frustrations and failures is a crucial step towards growth and improvement. The Demons now have an opportunity to transform their pain into motivation, channel their frustrations into determination, and unite as a team to achieve the success they strive for. With the right mindset and strategic adjustments, the Melbourne Demons have the potential to rise from the ashes and become a true force in the AFL.


"It bloody hurts": Straight-talking May declares Demons "bloody brilliant" than...
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