"Monash University Vice-Chancellor Margaret Gardner Appointed as Victoria's New Governor"MonashUniversity,MargaretGardner,Victoria,Governor
"Monash University Vice-Chancellor Margaret Gardner Appointed as Victoria's New Governor"

“Monash University Vice-Chancellor Margaret Gardner Appointed as Victoria’s New Governor”

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Monash University Vice-Chancellor, Margaret Gardner, to become Victoria‘s next governor

Monash University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AC, has been appointed as Victoria‘s next governor, succeeding Linda Dessau, who completes her term in June. Professor Gardner, who will begin her five-year tenure as governor in August, is an eminent Victorian who has served the higher education sector for a long and distinguished career.

A Republican, Committed to carry out Constitutional Monarchy’s Role

Despite being a Republican, Professor Gardner assured that her views would not pose any obstacle to her new role as governor, which she plans to serve per the outlined provisions of the Constitution. She stated that the role of a governor has evolved and become more ceremonial over time and that she recognises the fact that Victoria is currently a constitutional monarchy.

“A Modern World”

Regarding her husband Glyn Davis serving as the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Professor Gardner acknowledged his senior position and noted that it would be a “separate role” to her own. Premier Daniel Andrews highlighted that it is not unusual for partners to serve in different roles and said that it was a reality of “a modern world”.

The Role of a Governor in Australia

As the Queen’s representative in the States and Territories of Australia with constitutional Monarchies, Governors have diverse responsibilities. As a Crown’s exercise of authority, a Governor acts as a regulatory and ceremonial entity. In carrying out such roles, they act as a buffer between governments and the legal system, ensuring that laws and government processes adhere to the Constitution.

Editorial view

This appointment by the Victorian government is a celebratory step towards upholding the virtues of higher education, as Professor Gardner brings with her a wealth of experience from her tenure at Monash University, RMIT, the University of Queensland, and Griffith University. Her appointment during a period of progression towards greater parliamentary republicanism has particularly significant symbolic value regarding the direction of government in Victoria.

Advice to incoming Governor Margaret Gardner

Keeping in mind the role of a governor in Australia as a regulatory and ceremonial entity, Governor Gardner would require a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the Constitution. Her vast experience within the education sector warrants optimism regarding her potential to uphold and promote progressive values and individual freedoms in Victoria. To take on this critical role and further advance the causes she has championed, Governor Gardner will need to lend her supportive voice to champion progressiveness and platform diversity.


"Monash University Vice-Chancellor Margaret Gardner Appointed as Victoria
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