"Top 10 Blockbuster Trades Set to Shake Up the 2023 AFL Season"afl,trades,blockbustertrades,2023aflseason,shakeup,top10
"Top 10 Blockbuster Trades Set to Shake Up the 2023 AFL Season"

“Top 10 Blockbuster Trades Set to Shake Up the 2023 AFL Season”

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The 10 Biggest Deals to Watch in the 2023 AFL Trade Period

Taylor Adams

Sydney’s interest in Collingwood veteran Taylor Adams has been making headlines recently. Adams officially requested a trade to the Swans after playing 23 games for the Magpies this year. Despite missing the Grand Final due to injury, Adams is considered a valuable asset. The Swans have already secured free agents Joel Hamling and James Jordon and are also pursuing Brodie Grundy. They have a range of draft picks at their disposal to facilitate a deal with Collingwood.

Top-five draft picks

One of the most intriguing aspects of the trade period will be the future of the top-five draft picks currently held by West Coast and Gold Coast. The Suns are expected to trade their No.4 pick as they aim to bring in talented Academy players. The Western Bulldogs are among the clubs interested in acquiring this pick, but there is no shortage of suitors. On the other hand, West Coast holds the coveted No.1 pick and has stated that it would take a special offer for them to part with it. Hawthorn and North Melbourne have expressed interest in striking a deal. Victorian young gun Harley Reid, the projected No.1 pick, has even stated he is open to joining the Eagles.

Xavier Duursma

Port Adelaide midfielder Xavier Duursma has attracted interest from multiple Victorian clubs. With several players, including Geelong’s Esava Ratugolea, Essendon’s Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, and Western Bulldog Jordon Sweet, requesting trades to Port Adelaide, the Power will be major players in the trade period. Duursma may be tempted to return to his home state, with Essendon being a potential destination. However, Duursma is contracted with Port Adelaide for next year, meaning a trade would need to be negotiated.

Brodie Grundy

After a frustrating year at Melbourne, two-time All-Australian ruckman Brodie Grundy is set to move to a third club. While he played 17 games this season, he was overlooked for Melbourne’s finals matches. Sydney is currently the frontrunner to acquire Grundy’s services, and Port Adelaide has also been linked to him. The Swans have multiple draft picks available, including their expected departure of Dylan Stephens to North Melbourne, which could strengthen their position in negotiations. Melbourne acquired Grundy from Collingwood last year in exchange for pick 27.

Esava Ratugolea

Geelong’s Esava Ratugolea has chosen Port Adelaide as his preferred destination, following meetings with both the Power and Hawthorn. Port Adelaide has expressed interest in multiple players, including Ratugolea, Zerk-Thatcher, and Sweet. The Power have a range of draft picks at their disposal to secure a deal with Geelong. Ratugolea, who wanted a trade last year while under contract, is now out of contract heading into the trade period.

Zac Fisher

Carlton defender Zac Fisher has officially requested a trade to North Melbourne. Although Fisher fell out of favor in 2023, he showcased his talent in the latter part of the season. Despite averaging 27 disposals over the last month of the home-and-away season, Fisher was dropped for finals. North Melbourne has a significant number of draft picks to work with this year and in the future, including two additional end-of-first-round picks supplied by the AFL.

Jack Billings

St Kilda’s Jack Billings could be on the move if the right opportunity arises. The 28-year-old has struggled with injuries in recent seasons, playing only three games this year and eight in 2022. Billings’ manager has stated that he is “ready to go” if a rival club expresses interest. However, he still has two years remaining on his contract with St Kilda, meaning a trade would need to be agreed upon.

Paddy Dow

Carlton midfielder Paddy Dow has requested a trade to St Kilda after seeking a move for some time. The former No.3 draft pick has had limited opportunities under coach Michael Voss, playing just 14 games in the past two seasons. Dow showed promise in 2023, averaging 21.8 disposals and 6.5 clearances in the final month of the home-and-away campaign. St Kilda has a range of draft picks to facilitate a deal with the Blues, but they will also need to negotiate with Fremantle to secure Liam Henry.

Liam Henry

Fremantle’s Liam Henry has selected St Kilda as his preferred destination, sparking disappointment from the Dockers. Henry has attracted interest from both St Kilda and Hawthorn after an impressive second half of the season. Fremantle has indicated that they will drive a hard bargain for Henry during the trade period. St Kilda, who is also pursuing Paddy Dow, has a selection of draft picks at their disposal this year and in the future.

Dylan Stephens

Sydney midfielder Dylan Stephens has requested a trade to North Melbourne and has met with coach Alastair Clarkson. The former No.5 draft pick is out of contract, making negotiations more straightforward. Stephens played 13 games this season, bringing his career tally to 43 with the Swans. North Melbourne has a range of draft picks available and could swiftly finalize a deal with Sydney during the trade period.

Editorial: The AFL Trade Period – A Playground for Uncertainty

The AFL Trade Period always brings a level of anticipation and excitement for fans, as their favorite clubs fight to improve their squads for the upcoming season. It is a time of uncertainty, where player movements, draft picks, and future prospects are all in flux. This year is no exception, with several high-profile players seeking new opportunities and clubs maneuvering to make blockbuster deals.

The current landscape of the AFL is marked by a high level of player movement. Loyalty to a single club throughout a player’s career is becoming increasingly rare. Players are now more willing to explore their options and seek greener pastures. This shift in mindset, coupled with the competitive nature of the league, has made the AFL Trade Period a playground for uncertainty.

Some of the key storylines to watch during this year’s trade period include the future of top draft picks, the movement of established stars like Taylor Adams and Brodie Grundy, and the potential trades of promising young talents like Xavier Duursma and Zac Fisher. Each move has the potential to reshape the landscape of the league and impact the fortunes of the teams involved.

From a philosophical perspective, the AFL Trade Period raises questions about the nature of loyalty and the pursuit of success. Should players be criticized for seeking opportunities that align with their personal aspirations? Is it fair for clubs to hold onto players who may no longer be fully committed? These are complex issues that strike at the heart of what it means to be a professional athlete in a competitive sporting environment.

Ultimately, the AFL Trade Period serves as a reminder that the world of professional sports is a business. Clubs must make tough decisions in order to secure the best possible outcome for their team, while players must navigate a landscape that offers both opportunities and challenges. The negotiations and deals that unfold during this period provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the AFL and the strategic minds behind each team.

Advice for AFL Fans

For fans eagerly following the AFL Trade Period, it is important to remember that the process is fluid and unpredictable. Rumors and speculations will circulate, but not all of them will come to fruition. As deals are made and players change clubs, emotions will run high. It is crucial to approach the trade period with a level-headed perspective and trust in the decisions made by team management.

Supporters should also keep in mind that deals can be complex and take time to finalize. Negotiations may involve multiple players, draft picks, and future considerations. Patience is key during this period, as clubs work tirelessly behind the scenes to secure the best outcomes for their teams.

The AFL Trade Period is an exciting time for fans, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of the league and the maneuvers of clubs seeking success. It exemplifies the competitive nature of the AFL and the constant drive for improvement. So sit back, hold onto your team scarf, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is the AFL Trade Period.


"Top 10 Blockbuster Trades Set to Shake Up the 2023 AFL Season"
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